Casco Public Library

a cozy, welcoming and vital resource that encourages lifelong learning and exploration, cultivates community connections, and upholds intellectual freedom.

Petite but sweet, the Casco Public Library serves as a cozy oasis and a portal to the wider world.

Kids & Parents

Casco Public Library offers a variety of events and opportunities for children & the young at heart. Make sure to check our calendar or ask a librarian about what we have planned.


Connect Safely

  • ConnectSafely is for parents, teens, educators, advocates – everyone engaged in and interested in the impact of social media and mobile technology. Here you’ll find tips, safety advice, articles, news, analysis, video and other resources to promote safe, effective use of connected technology.

Cornerstones of Science

  • Cornerstones of Science provides libraries with the tools and support they need to engage people in experiential learning, reawakening a sense of wonder about the natural and physical world.

Curious City DPW

  • While Curious City is a for profit marketing firm, its mission is to get books read and experienced not promoted and sold. Curious City DPW (Department of Public Works) exists to offer the event kits, activity kits, curriculum, book trailers, book character-driven blogs, and other tools that Curious City creates free for your use.

Guys Read

  • Guys Read is a web-based literacy program for boys founded by author and First National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature Jon Scieszka.  Our mission is to help boys become self-motivated, lifelong readers.

International Children's Digital Library

  • ICDL is a wonderful collection of digital books from around the world. The collection not only includes stories from cultures around the world but also in numerous languages. This is an amazing and free resource!

Jan Brett's World

  • Jan Brett, author and illustrator, offers  an amazing collection of free activities, coloring pages, and games on her website to accompany her beautiful books.

Kids Know It!

  • Our Mission Is To Provide The Highest Quality Educational Activities, Products, Movies, Music, Games, Articles, Text Books, Learning Programs, Lesson Plans, Worksheets, And Distribute Them Completly Free of Charge

Marvel KIDS!

  • Find articles and pictures, search for flags, maps, animals, biographies and more.

Raising Readers

  • Raising Readers is NOT about teaching young children to read. It IS about helping children to enjoy reading and language by exposing them to colorful, wonderful books.

USM Southworth Planetarium

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